S E R I O U S   G A M I N G

The "serious" adjective in this context refers to products or designed experiences that can be used for teaching, training, raising awareness, simulating, inspiring change, communicating an idea/message and storytelling. 

We network 

The Serious Gaming companies meet bimonthly to discuss developments and news concerning the cluster, share the progress of their own work or just to spend some informal time together.

We design

Depending on the purpose and approach, serious games have been designed as experiences for numerous analog and digital platforms including mobile/tablet, PC/Mac, console, browser-based and board games and many other (non)digital devices. The focus of the products of the serious gaming cluster’s members is mainly, but not exclusively, on games made for mobile and tablet experiences.


We develop

The Serious Gaming Cluster supports member companies that develop products or design experiences oriented toward Advertising, Belief systems, Culture & Art, Ecology, Education, Humanitarian & Caritative, Media/News, Military & Defense, Politics, Professional Training, Scientific Research, Simulation, State & Government, Wellness or a combination of these.